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Setting: school

Plot: an examination was interrupted

Technique: onomatopoeia

Example: The fans whirled soothingly above. In the hush of the examination hall were the almost imperceptible sounds of pens scratching out the answers. There was the occasional creak and sigh of chairs as bodies shifted. A cough. Loud clicks of the invigilator’s shoes.


Fire at a Supermarket

Setting: supermarket

Plot: fire

Technique: twist

Example: Leonard tugged at his father’s sleeve. “Dad, do you smell smoke?” he asked with an uncertain frown. His father sniffed the air a few times and detected a faint trace of smoke too. Puzzled, they looked around the supermarket searchingly. Then, Leonard cried, “There! On the ceiling!” and pointed towards the aisle carrying household items. Uncurling from the ceiling boards like long fingers were wisps of smoke. Quickly, Leonard’s father raised the alarm with a staff member who was stacking cans of lychee on a shelf. The busy girl lifted her gaze briefly and tutted with irritation. “Would you mind telling my manager about it? Thanks,” was her abrupt reply before she returned to her work.

Blackout in a Shopping Mall

Setting: shopping mall

Plot: a family experienced a blackout while doing their shopping

Technique: imagery

Example: I squeezed into the scratchy, pink frock and stepped out of the dressing room. Out of the blue, all the lights went out and the shop immediately erupted in shrieks of fright and groans of dismay. My heart stopped for a second. Enveloped in pitch darkness, I felt as though a heavy, black curtain had fallen on me. “Mom? Mom? Where are you?” I cried, my voice rising in panic.

“Don’t worry, honey, I’m here,” she called out near me, sounding as steady as a rock. I calmed down quickly.

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