Picture stimulus 2002 – 2012

2012 – home – the room is decked out for a party; two children are painting on the wall when their father opens the door;  the children then duck under the table

2011 – zoo – an elephant sprays water at a visitor holding a camera

2010shopping mall – a girl drops an ice cream cone from the first floor onto a man on the ground floor

2009beach – a boy is pinched by a crab while picking litter with his classmates

2008park – a child falls into a hole

2007foot of HDB block – two children throw eggs from their window at two students below

2006park – a ball rolls into the path of a cyclist

2005roadside – a car splashes water onto two school children at a bus stop

2004canal – boys fishing; one boy climbs over the rails

2003outside school – motorcycle accident occurs during dismissal time

2002park – boys disturb a beehive


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