A Terrible Truth

This is a composition based on a Continuous Writing question given in the English PSLE paper (1998). The narrator was treated unfairly by someone in the family. He or she was blamed for something that was not his or her fault.

Teacher’s note: My pupil, a highly-imaginative 12-year-old, gave me a story that read as if it had been written for a soap opera. There was plenty of dialogue, a cast of 7 characters and incredible plot twists and turns. Her word count was 1117 words. In the end, I trimmed it to 669 words, keeping only 4 of the characters and the main story line which centres on a girl discovering why her mother hates her.


A Terrible Truth

Crash! The (1)ear-splitting sound made me whirl around. I was (2)horror-struck by what I saw. Jimmy, my baby brother, had just knocked over (3)my mother’s most cherished vase. Appearing stunned at first, he quickly recovered from his shock and began (4)bawling at the top of his lungs.


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A Terrible Truth - A model composition for Primary 6 Get your copy at Kobo!

A Terrible Truth – A model composition for Primary 6
Get your copy at Kobo!


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Available on Amazon and Kobo!

Available on Amazon and Kobo! 

What’s Inside

Scenarios & Story Starters

Composition 1 (PSLE 1999)

The picture shows the platform of a train station. A man has just tripped over a bag lying on the floor next to two women on a bench. His business documents fly out of his folder. At the same time, two boys are running out of a train that has just pulled up. Their mother is following closely behind them, shouting angrily.


Charles Teo paused outside the door in trepidation.

Composition 2

You were walking home from school when a man called out your name and ran up to you.


It was supposed to be as easy as abc; yet in two seconds, Mr Abdullah would whip open the door and I, who should have vanished into thin air, would still be in full view of the audience. Rivulets of sweat started to roll down my make-up…

Composition 3 (PSLE 2000)

The picture shows a shop keeper of a neighbourhood provision shop shouting at the running figure of a boy who appears to have taken a bottle from the shop without paying. The incident is witnessed by a police officer who happens to walk by at that moment.

“Stop, thief!”

It had started out as a typical day.

Composition 4

You and your friend were cycling at a park when suddenly, your friend shouted out a warning.

My Sister’s Bicycle

When my older sister received a new bicycle on her twelfth birthday, she immediately proceeded to embellish it with glittery gold and silver star stickers.

Composition 5 (PSLE 2001)

The picture shows the arrival hall of the airport. A movie crew is there, filming a scene. The cameras are directed at an actor seen dashing away with a handbag. The ‘victim’, another actor, is running after him.

“It takes a thief…”

As the man eyed the old woman shiftily behind his sunglasses, a furtive smile flickered across his lips.

Composition 6

One afternoon, you noticed a group of people standing in front of the block of flats where you stayed.

Saving Uncle Chong

Crash! The drawer tumbled out, spilling all the contents.

Composition 7

The picture shows two girls who have just stumbled across a box at a park.

A Mysterious Box

“I hope I’d written a good composition,” said Lydia to her friend, Beatrice, as they walked home from school.

Composition 8 (adapted from PSLE 2005)

You were at the school canteen when you caught your friend quietly sobbing in a corner.

A Mix-up

Melissa, my classmate, thanked me profusely and flashed a broad smile that stretched from dimple to dimple before boarding the bus home.

Composition 9 (PSLE 2007)

The picture shows two boys pelting eggs at a girl and a boy under their window. Their mischievous act is witnessed by an old lady walking across the void deck of the block and two teachers exiting through the gate of a nearby school.


In the end, it was a featherbrained thing to do but to the boys, it had seemed like a good idea at first.

Composition 10

You and your friend were walking past a canal when you noticed some people looking at something in the water.

A Horrible Accident

When I saw the lifeless boy floating face down in the water, one thought flashed in my mind. “Please, don’t let that be Tim.”

Composition 11 (adapted from PSLE 2009)

The picture shows a group of students picking litter at a beach. One of the girls has just cut her foot on a shard of glass. Her teacher and friends rush forward to help her.

A Painful Incident

Puffy clouds, scudding across a windy sky, blocked the sun’s harsh rays and brought relief from the heat.

Composition 12 (adapted from PSLE 2010)

You and your friends were at a bus stop when you noticed a woman walking unsteadily towards you.

A Fateful Day

Swerving and screeching, the bus hurtled down the road, overtaking every vehicle and beating every traffic light.

Composition 13 (PSLE 2010)

The picture shows two girls watching in horror from the second floor of a shopping mall as one of their ice cream cones falls straight towards a man below. The man, who is digging into his bag for something, is oblivious to what is happening.

A Happy Turn of Events

Was it sheer coincidence or the work of mysterious forces that ultimately led to the encounter between the two individuals?

Composition 14 (PSLE 2011)

You were walking towards a shop. Suddenly, you saw people running out of the shop.

The Shopkeeper’s Son

Sent on an errand to the provision shop by my mother one afternoon, I ambled past the pastel-coloured blocks of flats, humming a mindless, happy tune.

Composition 15 (adapted from PSLE 2011)

The picture shows an elephant spraying water at a visitor at the zoo.


“I’m bored!”

Compositions 16

You and your friends were playing at the assembly court in school when an announcement came on over the speakers on the walls.


Hey, Chaos! I bet you’re hungry,” I said as I sprinkled a small pile of sunflower seeds onto the newspaper.

Composition 17

The picture shows a scene at a children’s art competition. A boy has just knocked over a tumbler of water onto his painting. A girl is trying to help him save his work by mopping up the spillage with a piece of cloth.

A Lesson in Humility

The reporter who was at the home of the artist for the interview gazed in awe at the rows of awards, arranged in chronological order.

Composition 18

You had just reached your lift lobby when two boys, walking past, caught your attention.

A Tragic Find

It could barely muster enough strength to let out another mew.

Composition 19 (PSLE 2012)

The picture shows a boy and a girl crouching under a table at home. The girl has a balloon. There is a present on the table and a picture painted on the wall. Strewn on the floor are some brushes and containers of paint, so it may be that the children have decorated the wall themselves. At the moment, the children are looking expectantly at a person entering the room. Overall, based on the given clues, we can infer that they have planned some sort of surprise for that person.

Not Picture-perfect

Before Rocco left for the convenience store, he warned his eight-year-old twin siblings to behave themselves.

Composition 20 (PSLE 2012)

You were in a library when you heard an unusual sound that grew louder and louder.

An Unusual Librarian

I did not think that we would make it but we did.

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I would like to congratulate you on finding the magic formula (your logical plotting framework) to solve the problems our children face in writing a creative, exciting yet coherent plot. We enjoyed your book “What Shall I Write Next” and my son is at the computer this moment laughing his head off reading the compos in your e-book. Thanks again & we look forward to more books from you! Best regards, Charlotte

Both are really great books! Kaixin enjoys reading them and has learnt a lot from them. Thanks, Gin

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An Old Man

Setting: pavement

Plot: helping a stranger

Technique: imagery, expanding a moment

Example: Moving along the pavement was an old man in a wheelchair. His right leg was missing. In its place was just a brown stump that peeked out of a pair of grey, tattered shorts. With his stick-like arms straining at the wheels, he slowly propelled himself. It was strenuous work. The man paused often to catch his breath and mop his brow. Suddenly, our eyes met. I felt myself blush and quickly looked down, ashamed that I had been caught staring. However, even as I fixed my gaze on the ground, I sensed his approach. He was coming towards me!

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